I’ve done stupider shit

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Not that anyone ever spends any time falling into the internet hole and disappearing into an obsessive universe.

Not that anything like that ever happens.

A little over a year ago I fell into one of those holes and I listened to this particular performance of Another Year by Amanda Palmer about ten times in a row before I decided maybe I should buy some of her music.

The more music of hers I listened to, the more I needed to own, the more I had to have…it became a deeper and deeper musical loving hole of joy…which sounds kind of creepy but felt really warm and lovely.

The newest album from Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra is out today in the US, and I have to admit I’m very excited.  I’m even going to their concert on Sept 21st in Denver at the Gothic.  It will be the first concert I’ve ever attended alone. But hey, I’ve done stupider shit in life than go to one concert alone.

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