Three to Five Pages (double freaking spaced)

Bright Red Bloom
I sent an email to one of my professor’s asking a clarification question because I had started my paper that is due on Thursday and it didn’t seem quite right and then I checked the syllabus and it didn’t quite match up with what was going on with what was on the syllabus.

He wrote me back this afternoon and basically told me that since I had already started on my idea I could go ahead and turn that in and not to worry about the fact that I was doing it a little bit off from the syllabus. He didn’t want me to worry over-much about it since I’d already started, and to go ahead and move forward with what I had and not bother with a re-write.

What the hell dude? I’m an English and film theory major, I am all about the re-write. This little three to five page paper that is due tomorrow, whether it is on the idea I thought it was on, or it is on the idea from the syllabus, or it is on some freaking idea I get in the next forty minutes, it is three pages.

NO worries. I sneeze and I got a three page paper.

In less than two hours I’ve written a five page paper, created a works cited page in a completely freakishly odd citing format, and I’m confident that while it is not award winning work it isn’t work that will get me investigated by the police or thrown out of school.

Seriously, come on.

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