Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – Plus more fantastical performers!

The show was fantastic.

Music and show and art and tears and so so so many people.

I am not good at being out with the people, but it was so positive and amazing that I swallowed my panic and loved the show. I loved loved loved the show.

Boulder Bassoon Quartet - Amanda Palmer Show
From local bassoonists entertaining pre-show by the bar to

Jherek and Crowdsourced Musicians - Amanda Palmer Concert
Jherek and more local musicians letting us all know the evening was music based to

the fantastic Ronald Reagan performing in a fantastic nostalgic, humorous, and crowd joining set of music.

When Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra took the stage the show was already well worth my paltry dollars. But they came to move the room, and it was moved. From familiar songs that were just beautiful to see performed to the familiar songs that I couldn’t help screaming along with, it was an amazing show.

Amanda Palmer - Crowd Surfing

At one point in the evening Amanda crowd-surfed and included everyone in this visual sea of her outfit that was beyond just music and feeling and people and was a moment that had me in tears throughout the rest of the show.

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra
I am glad I moved away from my fear of people and went. The show was beyond just music, it was therapeutic.

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