Opus, An Invisible Plane, City Lights, Brown Palace, and a Paint Box

Incoming 09/23/12
I’ve gotten into the habit of writing letters on Friday after work. A decompress on all of life if you will.

I had a fantastic Friday concert to attend and as such I missed letters this Friday and didn’t get around to them until this morning.  But I had some great stuff!  A Wonder Woman fold-n-mail, which is fantastic on a couple levels, and some great postcards as well!

I sent off one of my new favorite postcards to have it traveling out in the world.  The ladies on the top of the building are on top of a great Denver landmark, The Brown Palace.  You can still go there and stay for tea, and it has hosted several different presidents over the years.  It is a landmark that is always always always beautiful to see downtown and I was thrilled to find this postcard and several others that show old Denver.

Outgoing 09/23/12

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