Word Giveaway Winners! – Tapenade, Adoxography, and of course Zamboni!!!

Word Giveaway Winnings

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you all for all your fantastic marvelous, wonderful words!!! I have written them on my little cards and put them in my pickle word jar. I am certain they will be put to good use today at my writing group.

Thank you again!

I ended up picking tapenade from the words in the hat, so that is the one that gets the big stationery give-away. When I went to go and pick a word that amuses me most for the runner-up giveaway I couldn’t decide, so I ended up having two. I had a blast going through my collection and pulling out stuff to giveaway. Can’t wait to giveaway more of my stuff in the future.

Thanks again!

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