Patent Leather Goes With Any Look

This very cute stationery from wevegotpaper arrived in a letter and I have to say I think it is just as much fun in person. Cute stuff. Not sure about the little plus signs for lines, they are hard to read around, but the paper seems of pretty good quality, I will have to check them out in the future when it comes to buying some new paper.

Since the Devil girl was wearing some nice sensible shoes I thought I would send back some ridiculous heels from the Olivia DeBerardinis series of cards I picked up at a porn shop that was selling them really cheap because they were going to stop selling cards and the like. Plus side they were only like a quarter, down side they have no envelopes so I’m always scrounging for envelopes for the things.

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  1. phonelady says:

    oh dear searching for envies what a pain LOL !!

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