Puppy Prints

Years ago when I had no one really to write letters to, but I had a lot of really great stuff to write letters with, stamps, stickers, stationery, I ordered checks from this little local start-up company in my state.

My roommate at the time took one look at the envelope, which happened to be decorated with little paw prints, much like this great letter I got from the UK the other day, and declared me a freaking whack job.

When this letter arrived and I saw how lovely the envelope was, and how the letter inside was even lovelier I remembered the conversation between me and my roomie, and how sometimes it is nice to have people to write to that won’t be befuddled by stickers or stamps decorating the outside.

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  1. phonelady says:

    Never let ppl stop you from being creative with your envies I never do and if they cannot see the beauty in them then that is their fault . we are beautifull cheeful ppl and we are powerfull , LOL !!

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