She Does Not Understand My Sitting At The Desk

What Are You Doing???
As November approaches and I begin to prepare for the film festival and for NaNo I am spending a lot more time at my desk.

My kittens do not approve.

How could I abandon them for the cold comforts of a computer? Of a pen? Of the film schedule? It is all so wrong.

I don’t quite know what I’m doing with the schedule I have ahead of me. The film festival class I’m taking I have to see quite a few films and write about each one, and then starting NaNo along with it seems a little foolish. It has been so long since I wrote on a regular basis I’m not sure I can produce anything at all.

Which I suppose is the point really. I am at this place where I am lost. I am lost and I just need some place to focus that energy. More than likely I will just have to keep calm and keep writing.

Keeping calm.

Keeping calm.

Keeping calm and of course finding time to pet the kittens.

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