Halloween Word Cat, Wind Farms, Dickinson Stamps, Frost Fairies, and Pink Flowers

Incoming 10/28/12
I have a great friend that sends out Halloween cards instead of Christmas cards each year. This year she sent out a gorgeous black cat word card.

So much fun.

I think more people should pick out their favorite holiday and send out cards for it. I think that is a fantastic idea. The pressure for Christmas cards is ridiculous, and how great would it be to get hello for bizarre little holidays through the year?

Stamp 10/28/12 Detail

I love the Emily Dickinson stamps. Every time I get them they make me smile.

Outgoing 10/28/12
I am running out of the Fantasia Crane stationery cards. I will be sad to see them all gone. They were a great deal when I picked them up in New York so long ago, they take ink like a dream, and they are some of the prettiest scenes from the film.

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