Kitten Love, Cheeseburger Label, Beards, and French Cheeses

Incoming 11/02/12

As I’ve been prepping for the month of November and all the things that are going on this fantastic month I’m trying to keep up with my letters by including them in my writing ritual. Every day I’m setting aside a bit of time for the NaNo, and right before that I’m giving myself a bit of time to do a letter or a postcard.

This week it went pretty well, but it is still early days. But I’m keeping happily ahead for now.

This week’s mail was super-fantastico. The coolest hamburger letter arrived, and then I got a Thank You note for something I would’ve done no matter what happened. Always nice to get a hug in the mail.

The outgoing stuff was fun, some of it I bought while I was waiting for my first Film Festival film. I got this freaking adorable kitten with a bear, and a fantastic Addams family postcard, and I’m totally in love with the girls in the trailer.  Pink clad bad-girls, absolutely nothing wrong with that business.

I can’t wait to see how next week goes, and see if I can keep up with all this fabulous November fun.

Outgoing 11/02/12

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