A skritch on the nose.

One of my closest friends believes that all any monster or scary animal really needs is a little lovin’ and a skritch on the nose.

Wonder if it would work on this big guy? I think it would be so groovey to have a super big kitty like this to love.

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3 Responses to A skritch on the nose.

  1. phonelady says:

    LOL !!!!

  2. PostMuse says:

    Big Cat Rescue in Florida might not give their rescued cats a skritch on the nose, but they do give them catnip!

    I love Big Cat Rescue's mission. Someday I'm going to visit their sanctuary in Florida.

  3. girlzoot says:

    That is ridiculously cool Postmuse, I musta watched that like 3 times. I love how they roll around and around. So freaking cute.

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