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Well there wasn’t a slide show or anything.

Bicycles for Charity

Me: I think she is an excellent actress.
She: I thought you said she was a soulless hulk of a freak.
Me: That doesn’t mean she isn’t an excellent actress.
She: What about her drinking the script slurry?
Me: Oh god, I can’t believe I ever said that shit out loud.
She: You not only said it out loud, there were hand gestures and emphatic thrusts on different syllables.
Me: Well there wasn’t a slide show or anything.
She: Thank god.
Me: What? I just think it is a good theory that some really good actors and actresses take the scripts and swirl them all up into a slurry of character motivation and that sustains them through their part.
She: And likely helps keeps them trim and fit.
Me: Likely.

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Douchebags and Donuts

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Serenity Charity Screening

Last night, my beau and I went to the charity screening of Serenity for Equality Now. In addition to playing the film we got to check out a cool speech of Whedon’s.

It was pretty fun, aside from the inside of the theater being about the same ambient temperature as the sun, and it actually being a theater where I had previously seen a friend of mine in a performance interpretive art piece that involved nudity, jam, and poetry.

There was a wonderful array of people, from slavering fanboys to really interesting intellectuals. Although I have to say one of my favorite things the whole night inside the theater was an overheard conversation behind me. At one point the woman in the conversation actually said to the man making chain mail (the gentleman in the photo and his partner make chainmail locally) next to her, “Which is just a shame considering the Buffy Academics are so much more fervid, but far less articulate.” I had to look up when I got home what the fuck that meant.

The best part of the evening though was finding the cute little gallery next door called Zip37 where I got to see some really cool work. If you are in Denver and over by Navajo, check it the heck out. This was my favorite painting, but the stuff they are highlighting right now is super super cool as well.

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