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Just a Thought

Is it a good idea or bad idea going to my first co-dependency meeting drunk? —Kevyn Fairchild/Voicemail 05/13/13

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Just a Thought

Drink, of course, was what we all turned to, some more, some less. Don’t ask how we got the money for it. When all the decent pleasures are forbidden, there’s always ways to get the rotten ones. You don’t break … Continue reading

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Pissed to the Gills

Got a drink in the mail. Awesome with a side of awesome sauce! Of course if I drank something that enormous (it is a huge postcard and would be a bigger drink) I would be pissed as a fish, and … Continue reading

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Prepped to get Hung-over

Got together with some girlfriends to drink heavily before heading out to see The Hangover again. For a movie that has been out for several weeks, that theater was packed. Lots and lots of people getting their drink on in … Continue reading

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