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None Purchased Today

Stiff by Mary Roach I recently re-read this novel as I just bought Mary Roach’s recent novel, Spook. I love this book, and re-reading it, I was reminded of how much I loved this book the first time. The author … Continue reading

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I overheard someone today telling her friend that she fantasizes about being stung by bees. I honestly have no idea what would make one confess that, and in public no less.

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Just a Thought

I certainly remember the sexual fantasies I spun in my head before a single soul had ever kissed or touched me. They were among the most powerful erotic experiences of my life. There is no such thing as a person … Continue reading

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Me: I love Paul Giamatti. NC: You would. Me: You know he went to Yale, majored in English. NC: Why do you know this? Me: Because I think he’s dreamy. NC: You think Oliver Platt and Vincent Donofrio and Lyle … Continue reading

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