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Slurpee Store

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This is Lily’s Backpack

Lily believes that if she is laying on it she is the owner of the object, even if it has my homework in it and I need it for school. Yeah try explain failing grades to a soft grey kitten

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Did you need something on the computer?

Lily is very loving, to the point where she is invasive. Like tonight when she climbed into my lap, on my face, all over my computer and made sure my studying time was entertaining as hell.

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A Place for Everything And Everything in Plastic Sleeves

Every couple of months I put my postcards away in binders. The collection is actually becoming amazingly large. Some of the postcards are really fantastic and fun. Tonight I watched homework movies and put away postcards, because ya know I’m … Continue reading

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Have things crawling around in my head and threatening to eat out my skull I’m worrying about them so much. So rather than think too much I think I’ll try and work on my midterm for 70s film.

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Goes Together Like Books and Well, Tea…

So for a while I had a book club. It was kind of okay, but a couple people didn’t come because they always felt weird that they didn’t read the book and then it was weird and drama drama drama. … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast Final

Today has been all about homework. ALL about homework. One of my papers is comparing and contrasting the humanity, or lack thereof, in Bartleby the Scrivener and Heart of Darkness. So I get to read these pieces again to make … Continue reading

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Spammy Poetry

When going through my emails today I came upon a piece of spam with the most delightful and somewhat disturbing conglomeration of words that ended up being a sort of poetry unto itself. Now I do not know how the … Continue reading

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Library Work

Yeah, I go to the library on Saturdays. Can you say dork? My entire life has become work, school, homework, rinse, repeat.

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Cockroaches and Legumes

-Do you think that girl lives in those trees? -I seriously doubt it. -I think she does, she is the wild girl of the parks. -Uh-huh. -Yes, she fights with cockroaches and chipmunks for scraps of food. -Chipmunks? -Sure, and … Continue reading

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