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Well there wasn’t a slide show or anything.

Bicycles for Charity

Me: I think she is an excellent actress.
She: I thought you said she was a soulless hulk of a freak.
Me: That doesn’t mean she isn’t an excellent actress.
She: What about her drinking the script slurry?
Me: Oh god, I can’t believe I ever said that shit out loud.
She: You not only said it out loud, there were hand gestures and emphatic thrusts on different syllables.
Me: Well there wasn’t a slide show or anything.
She: Thank god.
Me: What? I just think it is a good theory that some really good actors and actresses take the scripts and swirl them all up into a slurry of character motivation and that sustains them through their part.
She: And likely helps keeps them trim and fit.
Me: Likely.

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