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Brain Training, Book thoughts, Fuck TERFs

At work, I wanted to see if I could listen to books even if the folks I worked with were super loud. I wanted to try it out with books I’d already read and if I missed a couple of … Continue reading

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Just a Thought

His friend, ex-accountant turned Tahitian layabout artist Paul Gauguin, suggested something radical. Why not paint something … from memory? Just once, instead of painting what you’re actually looking at, render an artwork through the prism of recollection. What newer, emotional … Continue reading

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Just a Thought

Different people remember things differently, and you’ll not get any two people to remember anything the same, whether they were there or not. You stand two of you lot next to each other, and you could be continents away for … Continue reading

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Just a Thought

I remembered that, and remembering that, I remembered everything. —Neil Gaiman/The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

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Some Mutation of a Thought That Got Lost in My Memory Filter

One of the things that George Carlin used to say was that when you get an animal, you bring a tragedy into your life. That thing you love, that thing is gonna die. I think about that now that we’ve … Continue reading

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