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The Number 23

Years ago one of my friends said he wanted to talk to me after I saw this movie so that we could discuss what the hell the movie was about. I’m pretty sure I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I … Continue reading

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Batman Marathon Ready!

I’m headed to the Batman movie marathon! Gonna see nine hours of Batman with a bunch of other Batman fans. Oooooo yeah!

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No Curfew Tonight

As I sat in the theater getting ready to watch Brave tonight I kept thinking I just wanted a sweet film with no oversimplified marriage ending.  No princess in a wedding dress.  I wanted a fun movie, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Yeah, I just spent an hour making envelopes and cutting up a book, what of it?

My family knows that I have a lot of letter supplies and I’m trying to not spend a lot of money on my paper love until I graduate. However, after hearing me rave about the coolness of the Paper Source … Continue reading

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Lox and Bagel for Brunch

My family is not big on the holiday. We aren’t exactly anti-Christmas, but we aren’t all crazy about it either. This year my son and I went to brunch at the nearby deli and had lox, oh with cream cheese, … Continue reading

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Muppets in Line

Okay so I love me some Muppets. It is almost an illness really. So imagine my joy when surfing the iTunes today and I came across this big coolness. I mean really!!! Muppets, mail, and of course their customary greatness … Continue reading

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Just a Thought

Each flick I`ve done is kind of a snapshot of where I was in my life when I wrote it; `Clerks II` really speaks to where I am in life at the moment. You don`t have to be an analyst … Continue reading

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Spur of the Moment

Went to see Bolt spur of the moment tonight. Freaking hilarious. I really needed that kind of belly laugh. Saw an ad for Monsters vs Aliens, totally seeing that when it comes out. I love animated films.

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Happy Birthday to My Mom

Pulled myself away from my kittens, they like to trap me in the mornings, and headed to school today. Came back and found out my son now has a C in chemistry, he has been failing the last two weeks, … Continue reading

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Iron Man

Yes, I know it isn’t for months. Yes it looks violent and thinly devised. But good gravey do I want to see it and have it be good. Click the poster to see Robert Downey do his grand Tony Stark … Continue reading

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