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The Universe is Laughing at You, and So Am I.

There are these moments when you look at who you are and what you want and you wonder how you got to where you are today. The simplest thing can put your world into perspective. I’m not usually a fan … Continue reading

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Winter’s Bone

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En Route

Another school photo project. We were supposed to pick a photo from our daily route. This is from the Dayton station lite rail station where I’m constantly riding back and forth to school. I am in love with the color … Continue reading

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Perspective (In and Out of Reality)

These students are drawing shapes and doing math. They need perspective. I’ve had enough.

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Just a Thought

The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication … Continue reading

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