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Thor has lost this battle

All day the dog has been really needy, but adorably so with his need to be loved and played with and cuddled. My favorite thought was that he wanted to play tug toyon my bed, but he would get too … Continue reading

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I avoided this movie for a really long time. Not even because the movie looked bad, but because the people that were so over the moon at the movie were not people I really wanted to take movie advice from … Continue reading

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Hunter of Fish, Big and Small

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Just a Thought

Notice the squirrels. Investigate the shadows. Chase the butterflies. —Suzy Becker/All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat

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US-324010 Originally uploaded by girlzoot Okay so I just really like this photo. The postcard is fun, but the picture came out better than I imagined.

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