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Little Lists

In July I started treating my writing like a part-time job. It is exhausting, and I’m not sure I’m improving, but it makes me feel better about myself and the job I have right now that has nothing to do … Continue reading

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Stacks of Books

Today was technology. I’m amazed and fascinated by the perseverance of stories, and the way that technology continues to bring stories to us as people.  I love books, I really love the way books smell and feel.  But I mostly … Continue reading

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I’m sure many of you already read the postcrossing blog, and have already seen this, but it would be nice to see this thought passed around, or thoughts that are similar as much as possible. She touches on an idea … Continue reading

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Just a Thought

Today, film prints can cost up to $2000 apiece. A mainstream American movie can be shown simultaneously on 2000 screens, costing $4 million just for the cost of prints. In the future, movies will be stored on digital disks, like … Continue reading

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Like a Gigantic Postcard

This is just so interesting to me.

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