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A skritch on the nose.

One of my closest friends believes that all any monster or scary animal really needs is a little lovin’ and a skritch on the nose. Wonder if it would work on this big guy? I think it would be so … Continue reading

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Just a Thought

God made the cat in order that man might have the pleasure of caressing the tiger. —Fernand Mery

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I had a sort of birthday celebration this week at the zoo. It was a Where the Wild Things are themed sort of thing. Afterward we were all supposed to go and see the movie, it didn’t work out that … Continue reading

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Raw Meat

Gonzo in Bed Originally uploaded by girlzoot. So I can’t curl up in a little ball and die every time life disappoints me and I can’t just give up on going forward. So what is my plan now? Will I … Continue reading

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