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In August I started a brand new journal that is very cool, covered in little tiny books that all have girl in the title (The Girl Who Lost Things, Two Girls and a Secret, A Ripping Girl) and is lined. … Continue reading

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Happy NaNo Underwear

I’m going to do NaNo this year. Again, always, whatever. I’ve had a ton of problems this year. Health, mind, and not a small amount of emotional problems. When I thought about doing NaNo this year I sort of broke … Continue reading

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Self Doubt Looping While I Stare At A Bed Hogging Kitten

How much easier is it to pretend I’m going to do something than to actually do something? How easy is to imagine I will be something magical tomorrow when I’ve not put any effort into today? How much easier to … Continue reading

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Just a Thought

He stops to gather a bunch of wildflowers for me. When he presents them, I work hard to look pleased. Because he can’t know that the pink-and-white flowers are the tops of wild onions and only remind me of the … Continue reading

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Couples Retreat

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Promises to Keep and Long to go Before I Sleep (or Write)

School has started, for myself and my son. Woo-hoo senior in high-school and college, so grand a place to be this year. My two volunteer jobs, which are school related, have also started back up and my paying hours have … Continue reading

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At lunch with a work colleague a topic came up about love and regret and friendships that then came up again at dinner on Friday with my friends. At lunch I was asked if there was anyone in my past … Continue reading

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Day 6

Went with group to gym today. Nice to have so many around, While Rx Princess, T-Rex, and Nurse Commando swam and pool walked I did my regular machines. I realized at some point that my entire body is now calculated … Continue reading

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