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Yay! Second Hand Cards!

I love finding fun stuff at second-hand stores. These super-realistic cards of birds and these oversize envelopes were a great find the other day. Lots of great stuff for nearly no monies!

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Wonder Woman and Film

A letter sent to a pen pal in Australia made from some Denver Film Society Postcards and then scattered and decorated with Wonder Woman stickers. Because I know, as you know, that of course Wonder Woman has to love movies.

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Wonder Woman – Katrina Style

I know a lot of people hate ad cards. In fact of all the things requested on swap-bot and postcrossing profiles the most, it is usually NO AD CARDS. Now for the most part I can understand this, people want … Continue reading

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Postcard Letter

mu I got a great letter from The Missive Maven. They are all great letters from her, trust me. Then she also sent me a rocking Gorey postcard. Check it out, rocking her boogie shoes! Then as will happen in … Continue reading

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