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It is clear that more time alone and more time at home are not what was keeping me from writing. Fear. Fear is clearly what has been keeping me from writing. I am not even certain that what I am … Continue reading

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rolling dumpster fire of doom

I’m sitting here in my newly cleaned office. I can smell the gooshy cat food I gave my fuzzballs earlier this evening and I can hear my mother blowing her nose downstairs. I may or may not be avoiding getting … Continue reading

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There is a squirrel in a tree looking up at me, the tastiest nut he could ever see.

There are faces and names and they swim in and out. I think descriptions at them to try and keep them separate in my head. So many have children. So many have hopes. So many have lives. We all have … Continue reading

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Just a Thought

ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE is scrawled in blood red lettering on the side of the Chemical Bank near the corner of Eleventh and First and is in print large enough to be seen from the backseat of … Continue reading

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Wednesday Tired

Is editing re-writing, re-imagining, or just a stabbing and draining of words?

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